Julie Thiessen

Children’s Book Author


It’s summer break!  Reese is on her way to vacation at Camp Lake Shore with her family.  When Reese meets a new friend, Addie, the two immediately become best friends. Swimming, boating, laughing and soaking up the sun are just a few highlights of their summer break.  When it comes time to part ways the girls are determined to find a way to stay in touch and keep their friendship forever. A charming short chapter book about friendship, adventure and determination.


By Julie Thiessen

Illustrated by Vanessa Alexandre and Julie Thiessen

ISBN 9781645435242

Retail Price: $9.99 US

The bright bold illustrations by Vanessa Alexandre and Julie Thiessen bring to life a story based on a real life friendship. Reese and Addie became the inspiration of true friendship, innovation and determination in Pen Pal Gals: Friends Forever and Pen Pal Gals stationery gift set.  To learn more visit


Julie Thiessen, author of Pen Pal Gals: Friends Forever is the story of friendship and determination to stay connected when we are separated by distance. Julie and her husband are local business owners, she is mother of three and has enjoyed writing her children’s book and becoming a new author.  Thiessen always had a passion creativity, design and adventure, but above all, she values her lifelong friendships.  With her bachelors degree in graphic design and the inspiration of her daughter Reese, she created and branded Pen Pal Gals. Pen Pal Gals stationery gift set is a stationery collection for girls to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Her book Pen Pal Gals: Friends Forever is based on the true inspirational story of how two girls meet, become best friends and must find a way to stay friends forever.  Julie lives along the central coast of California with her husband, two daughters and son.  She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family at the lake, boating, hiking, skiing, swimming and exploring new places.

For more information regarding Pen Pal Gals: Friends Forever, please contact Thiessen at julie@juliethiessen.com.  Learn more about the book at penpalgals.com and connect with Thiessen on Facebook and Instagram.